Typical Office Visit

Here at SJS Endodontics, we don’t want to surprise you. We want you to come in feeling like an old friend! Here’s what a typical office visit looks like.

Our main goal is to help you save your tooth (or teeth) in the most comfortable, pain-free and caring way. We want you to be as informed as you want to be throughout the entire process. Please call us at any time with any questions or concerns so we can help make your appointment as stress-free as possible.

Contact our front desk to schedule your appointment. Our front desk staff will gather information that will help us serve you better.

You will need to complete some forms so we can gather the information needed to best treat you and to help with any insurance processing. These forms can be found below for your review. You can either complete these forms ahead of time or we will have you complete them at your appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you wish to complete them at our office.

Please assist us by collecting the following information to bring with you to your first appointment:

  • Your referral slip (if given to you by your general dentist)
  • A complete list of medications
  • A complete list of any allergies
  • Your dental benefits information (if applicable)


An assistant will gather some information and ensure all forms are completed and signed. Next, we will take a few x-rays of the tooth (teeth) we are evaluating. Often we will also need to make a 3D image of the area in order to arrive at a diagnosis.

We use digital x-rays that are very low in radiation. The amount of radiation received from our x-rays is often less than the radiation you would receive from walking outside in the sun. Although our x-rays are very safe, we still keep the total number of x-rays as low as possible, obtaining only what we need in order to determine your diagnosis.


Your endodontist will review your X-rays and paperwork and will complete a thorough evaluation. Several simple tests will be completed to help us arrive at a diagnosis. Dr. Schmoldt will then thoroughly discuss your case including the risks and benefits of each treatment option until we arrive at an informed decision on how to proceed.


Often, we can start treatment immediately on the same day as your consultation, especially if you are in pain. We will do everything possible to accommodate your schedule, but sometimes we will need to reschedule your treatment for a later date. Most cases can be completed in one visit in less than one hour. Depending upon the complexity of your case and the amount of any infection, however, some cases will require multiple visits.

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