A partner in providing the highest quality of care to patients

Sit back, and relax

Here at SJS we guarantee patient comfort. Whether you’re referring to us or coming in for your own treatment, our friendly and warm environment will invite you to feel at ease. We are in the business of keeping smiles healthy and happy.

Our Promise

As someone mutually and deeply committed to providing the best possible care for all dental patients, I pledge the following in my partnership with you:

I will provide high quality patient care in a calm, caring manner.
I will familiarize myself with your patient cases in advance.
I will constantly look to enhance my skills through personal learning and professional development.

I will treat emergencies and patients in pain in a timely manner.
I will do everything I can to accommodate your patients in scheduling.
I will educate patients and make them comfortable.

I will collaborate on treatment plans for your referred patients.
I will confer with you before suggesting alternative treatments to a patient.
I will refer patients back to you for restorative treatment unless otherwise specified.

I will send reports in a timely manner following procedures.
I will be available for second opinions, questions & concerns.
I will explain office policies/procedures to you and your patients.

Endo resources

As a doctor you may be curious about our procedures and methods. Please take a look at our resources to learn more about us!